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Configure your pigging system


Choose a solution that meets your requirements in 4 steps

Advantages of the Definox offer:

Short delivery times.

Definox pigging systems consist of 2 stations.

Definox pigging system is suitable for:

  • > All types of pipes (straight, bends, risers, down pipes, double enveloppe, etc...)
  • > All types of products (clear fluids, viscous fluids, loaded fluids, solid products)
  • > All types of industries (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fine chemistry, etc...)
  • > We recommend the use of 3D elbows* (for regular movement of the pig)
  • > The optimal use of a pigging system is function of the geometrical properties of the production line.
  • > This offer is not intended for specific environments of the explosive types (ATEX) ... For this type of request please, contact a support sales engineer directly who will be able to make you an offer suitable for your process.
    * Definox can provide pigging bends